True Life Media LLC

Larry Person Jr.

I am blessed I must say.
My passion for photography spans back to college with always being the historian for events and family gatherings. I've always admired the beauty of art since seeing paintings my granddad would do growing up.

I started using disposable cameras until 2004 when I purchased my first point and shoot camera. It was an Olympus and I just knew I was doing something until life changed in 2012 and I purchased my first DSLR and began what was initially True Life Photography. I later changed the name to True Life Media to encompass the videography portion and anything else I would want to incorporate.

My intended goal is to always create imagery that shows the subject in their true selves giving us a glimpse into who they are.  When directed properly, our stories can be told through our imagery and that's what True Life Media Stands for. 

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Tel: (404)857-2608

Email: info@truelifemediaatl.com


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